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The Secret to Success: Using Purpose, Planning, Persistence, and Patience to Reach Your Goals

If finding success were easy, everyone would have it. Achieving big goals requires hard work, but what does that really mean? At The Purposeworks, we believe hard work is made up of four key ingredients — purpose, planning, persistence, and patience. Success is about more than the goals you have, it’s about being true to your values, the promise of your whole-self, compassion for others — making meaningful outcomes possible.

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Jane Lauterback

Jane Lauterback is the founder of The Purposeworks and is an internationally recognized business advisor, executive coach and mindfulness expert. She’s held worldwide leadership roles in corporations, as a global CMO and as an expat in Tokyo. Drawing on her unique and deep business experience in talent development, strategic marketing, brand and business development, and modern mindfulness & contemplative neuroscience, Jane advises C-suite and senior executives, organizations, and teams to use purpose as the foundation to be better. Her pathfinding guidance helps accelerate results with clarity, focus, and constructive action, especially in times of individual and organizational transitions.


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