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Ageism refers to prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of your age and can influence individuals at any age and career stage, across industries and sectors. Our survey, Exploring the Impact of Ageism on Women in the Workplace, spotlights this critical yet often overlooked issue. Our objective is to bring a better understanding to the complexities of age-related stereotypes, biases, and discriminatory practices, and their unique impacts on women in the workplace.

Your experiences, perceptions, and insights play a crucial role in this initiative. By sharing your perspective, you contribute to a broader understanding of the challenges related to ageism in the workplace and how we can eliminate it. This helps inform policies and practices that foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment for women of all ages.


Take the survey today! We encourage you to share this email with your network — the more responses we get, the better we can understand and combat this pervasive issue. The survey closes on Friday, February 2nd, 2024, and the results will be shared on Monday, February 26, 2024.

Thank you for taking a moment to provide your valued insights!

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