What is your post-career plan? 

Since the founding of LEANING OUT, we have asked hundreds of late-stage professional women that question. We asked it in surveys, in networking salons and in one-on-one interviews. The answers vary from pursuing personal passions such as travel (post-COVID of course) to encore careers to board directorships and a variety of other activities. And a great many of the women we interviewed — driven, accomplished professionals — did not have a plan. I didn’t. Like many women interviewed, I also thought post-career had to be about choosing just that one right thing. A choice that prevented me from moving forward. 


In our Featured Post, Rich Thinking® author Barbara Stewart, introduces a range of ‘non-retirement’ options gleaned from her global research on women and finance. Most importantly, Barbara challenges the notion that we must do just one thing in our next phase and introduces the concept of a ‘portfolio career’.


But no matter what your post-career plans are, financial security is paramount. Based on her long career as a financial advisor, Barbara outlines Five Non-Retirement Financial Planning Steps to ensure you have the financial security to fund your non-retirement dreams.




Are You Board Ready?


Board Directorships are among the most coveted positions for late and post-career professional women. But career success is not an automatic entrée to the boardroom. 


Deborah Rosati, Founder & CEO of Women Get on Board, provides invaluable insights and preparatory exercises in her new book How to Get Yourself on a Board


Assess your board readiness

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