Sit or get fit? Which one is your retirement goal? 

Does your retirement vision include a lounge chair and a hammock? Taking it easy? Putting your feet up for some well-deserved down time? After the rush hour years of having and doing it all, that certainly is a seductive image.

But be careful what you wish for.

A recent study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that professional women’s sedentary time showed a sharp spike after they retired. The study shockingly cites sedentary time increased — more than an additional 20 minutes each day on average — among women during the first years of retirement! (Interestingly, the same did not hold true for men.)

That is concerning.

Study upon study point to the attendant risks of a sedentary lifestyle: higher risk of cardiovascular disease; impaired cognition; loss of mobility to name but a few. And without doing a full Jane Fonda, we know that fitness is imperative to achieving your later life goals, whether those involve retiring or ‘rewiring’. 

This month’s blog author, Ginger Conlon, founder and head coach of Fit Life Over 50, introduces us to a seven-point plan for getting up off the couch and developing a fitness regimen that is achievable, sustainable and will help you optimize your Primetime years. 

Get up! Get fit! And enjoy the read! 




As long as we’re on
the Fitness topic . . .


Along with physical fitness, make financial fitness a priority. 

Barbara Stewart is a globally sought after keynote speaker, researcher, author and a frequent contributor to the LEANING OUT blog. Barbara’s Rich Thinking® global research papers quote smart women from all ages, professions and countries and are released annually on International Women’s Day, March 8th. 














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