A Pandemic Pivot

Two years ago, I launched LEANING OUT with this mission: prepare and inspire professional women for post-career success and authentic purpose. Our delivery model was in-person events, where like-stage, like-minded women could network, learn from, and be inspired by each other as well as subject matter experts, and connect with transition coaches for one-on-one consultation. It was powerful. 


Then COVID happened. And like so many others, we pivoted.


Today, our mission remains the same. But our delivery model has understandably changed. 


So welcome to the re-launch of LEANING OUT, a blog community where late-stage professional women can connect, learn, find validation and inspiration. Our authors are transition experts who share advice on next stage preparation and professional women who share their own inspirational post-career stories.

Our FEATURED POST author Robin Reif addresses her own pandemic-imposed personal pivot. While the Upper West Side of Manhattan where Robin lives is far from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond in every respect, she makes a beautifully compelling case for living ‘deliberately’ and finding growth in the silent world around her. . . just like Thoreau did at Walden Pond.

Enjoy the read!




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