Trish Wheaton

From Madison Avenue to Gramercy Nightingale


Celia Berk and I worked together on Madison Avenue in separate C-Suites for the world’s largest advertising agency. We shared a work life that was powerful and rewarding. Two women at the top of their professional games. 

So, imagine my shock and surprise when I discovered Celia was a Clark Kent in my midst. She had a highly acclaimed alter ego and rich life far removed from our all-business quotidian endeavors. My colleague Celia was also known as the Gramercy Nightingale! A cabaret singer of some renown.

Even though Celia started out as an actor, her vocation and acclaim as a cabaret singer came decades after she abandoned the dream of performing — when the term ‘starving artist’ became more of a reality than a cliché. 

Her return to performing was born out of the most tragic circumstance. But Celia turned that hole in her heart into a space to explore her long-held dream. 

Intrigued by Celia’s transformation, I sat down with her recently to hear about her journey from Madison Avenue to Gramercy Nightingale. It’s a reflective tale of inspiration and hope. As with most journeys, there are challenges, fears, and an uncertain outcome, but there was a thread that became an epiphany: ‘I realized I had never stopped singing.’

Enjoy Celia’s story! May it inspire you to sing your own song.


PS. For your holiday playlist, check out Celia’s newly released Still, Still, Still as well as Holiday Bells Medley on her YouTube channel and all the streaming platforms.




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Click here to hear Celia’s newly released Still, Still, Still, Holiday Bells Medley and more.


Photo credit: RJ Kern