Turn 2020 Hindsight into 2021 Insight 

For many professional women in our network, 2020 accelerated the transition to post-career life. In a LEANING OUT survey conducted late spring, 38% of the respondents told us they had experienced COVID-related job changes and 45% told us the COVID crisis had changed their future plans and options. 

Whether their jobs changed or not, many of our followers reported the pandemic experience mirrored their worst expectations of post-career life: The loss of work-related daily routine. The collapsing of your world into the confines of your home. The absence of work’s easy socialization. Your professional identity radically changed. The isolation. 

Those are valuable insights. It is important to acknowledge what has been lost and move forward. Even if your job has not changed, now is the time to build on the 2020 experience and start shaping your post-pandemic, post-career future. 

But how do you get there? How do you navigate to reinvention? How do you get ‘unstuck’? Wayfinding the future can be complex.

In our Featured Post, The Path to Personal Reinvention, You Can’t Go It Alone, Dr. Ilene Nathanson makes a case for the very important role coaching and networking can play in navigating from loss to opportunity to reinvention. Ilene argues that the role others play in our development is critical — at any age. 

And isn’t one of 2020’s most enduring lessons how very much we need others in our lives?

My heartfelt wishes to each of you is for a 2021 filled with health, hope and possibility!




Want to Network with a Brain Trust of Senior Professional Women?


Networking with like-stage, like-minded professional women is one of the activities LEANING OUT followers have valued most. Salons have provided an attractive format for exploration and we are now offering them virtually. 

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending a complimentary LEANING OUT virtual salon, hosted by Trish Wheaton, and facilitated by Ilene Nathanson. In the salon we will explore attitudes and preparedness around career transition and potential paths forward. 

At this point we are trying to gauge interest only. Date to be determined. 


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