From Wall Street to a Potter’s Wheel — Judy Weddle’s Novel Journey 


If Judy Weddle’s career were a novel, the dust jacket would contain breathless commentary like ‘Sweeping in scope’, ‘Armed with smarts and curiosity, our intrepid heroine’s adventures take her from small town Colorado to the canyons of Wall Street to dimly lit Moscow apartments’, ‘A tour de force of professional and personal courage’. 

Pretty epic for a first novel. But what’s the sequel? How about: ‘Our heroine follows her passion for tea and pottery to Japan, learns from the masters and finds true fulfillment at last by becoming a gallery-worthy ‘Teapotter’.’

I recently interviewed Judy to understand more about her career and her transition to a fulfilling post-professional life. Judy’s self-effacing manner belies a woman who achieved the highest levels of success across a number positions including the cutthroat world of Wall Street finance. But the unifying thread in her journey, was the courage to take chances, intensely channel her curiosity and become a learner by going back to school (more than once) all in search of a meaningful career. And now, she has applied that curiosity, that openness to education — and an admirable work ethic — into a successful post-professional career as an artist. 


We have a dictum at LEANING OUT. Stand on the shoulders of your professional self to envision a post-career of success and purpose. Judy did just that and is now living her most fulfilled life ever.

In addition to being a compelling tale, the advice Judy gives for anyone entering the post-professional next phase is both practical and inspirational. ‘Don’t be afraid to follow a blank piece of paper. You might be surprised that it turns out to be the most colorful thing you’ve ever done.


Enjoy the read.

Trish Wheaton

P.S. Check out Judy’s current show at the Setsugekka Gallery in NYC running from June 3rd to July 3rd, 2022. Ceramic Exhibition by Judy Weddle — Setsugekka Matcha Teahouse



Photo credit: RJ Kern