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Farm girl to ad executive: Trish Wheaton thrived in a world of ‘mad men’ 

Our mission at LEANING OUT™ is to prepare and inspire professional women for post-career success and purpose. As part of that mission, we have shared preparation advice from career transition coaches — experts in navigating the life stage landscape. We have showcased inspirational stories of professional women who are proving that post-career can be a time of abundant possibility. What we, deliberately, have not done is talk much about ourselves. Now, through a recent interview conducted by Barbara Stewart for the financial publication Canadian Family Offices, I’m telling my story. . . which is also LEANING OUT’s origin story.


Barbara Stewart is recognized worldwide as one of the leading researchers on women and finance. Her Rich Thinking® global research papers, which quote smart women from all ages, professions and countries, are released annually on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

I’m sharing my personal story because it maps the journey of so many women in my cohort and beyond (well maybe not the farming part!). Going from ‘having it all’ (Remember that triumphant catchphrase for the constant rush hour of managing career and family with no institutional support and zero personal time?) to ‘now what?’ 

For many professional women (and men) finding the answer to ‘now what?’ is scary uncharted territory. At LEANING OUT we can provide roadmaps and wayfinding for personal exploration that ultimately lead you to your Primetime!

Enjoy the read. Enjoy the journey.

Trish Wheaton

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